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As the third century before the birth of Christ draws to a close, Rome, an emerging world power, and Carthage, the leading mercantile state in the Mediterranean, clash for the second time in forty years. The first time it was a territorial dispute in Sicily. Now the disagreement is over Spain and the prize nothing less than world dominance. The ensuing sixteen-year conflict, known as the Second Punic War or the War with Hannibal, more than any other collision of world powers in ancient times, will cast the fate and direction of the western world.

The Eyes of Archimedes is a historical trilogy set during this pivotal moment in antiquity. Timon Leonidas, a young Greek, tells the story of his life through the duration of the war in the three books, detailing his ascent from an enslaved refugee to an esteemed mapmaker in the Roman army.

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Book I. The Siege of Syracuse: After being kidnapped from his home in Croton, Timon spends three years in the fabulously wealthy Greek city-state of Syracuse as a slave to the mathematician Archimedes. A year after Timon's arrival in Syracuse, the city is besieged by a Roman army under the command of Marcus Claudius Marcellus. In an effort to hold the Roman army at bay, Timon assists his master in designing a defense for the city that includes some of the most advanced weapons yet seen in the ancient world. More.

Book II. The Death of Marcellus: Following Marcellus' eventual conquest of Syracuse, Timon gains the confidence of the Roman general with his knowledge of geometry and mathematics. He spends his next three years in Rome, serving as a scribe in the Roman army, learning the craft of mapmaking, and traveling with Marcellus on three military campaigns in which the Roman general attempts to track down Hannibal and finally force him out of Italy. More.

Book III. Zama: After his time with Marcellus, Timon is recognized by the Roman military hierarchy as a capable mapmaker. The general Publius Cornelius Scipio asks Timon to go to North Africa with him and his army of thirty thousand legionnaires. With Timon providing assistance as a mapmaker, Scipio advances on Carthage with the specific purpose of drawing Hannibal out of Italy and back to Africa for a conclusion to the war. More.

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