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A Novel by Dan Armstrong

It's the end of the third century before Christ. The city-state of Syracuse is a critical seaport in Rome's second war with Carthage. One of the ancient world's most beautiful cities, it is also the home of the famous Greek mathematician Archimedes. When Syracuse comes under Carthaginian control in 214 BC, the Roman general Marcus Claudius Marcellus storms the city with 40,000 soldiers and 60 warships, only to be confronted by the most sophisticated weapons the world has ever seen, all built and designed by Archimedes. The Roman army is turned back as though toy soldiers three separate times. Unwilling to concede, Marcellus blockades the city by land and sea, determined to starve Syracuse into submission.


Timon Leonidas, an orphan of the war, is Archimedes' slave during the last three years of the mathematician's life and through the duration of the siege. Timon tells the story of a city held hostage from the perspective of a young Greek, privy to the political intrigue that boils around his master.

When Syracuse finally falls, Marcellus' first concern is securing its greatest asset, the aging mathematician. In one of the most poignant moments in all of history, a Roman soldier, certain the scientist is casting a hex, strikes Archimedes down as he sketches a geometry problem. In his last moments, Archimedes gives his cherished slave a gift more powerful than any weapon used in the siege, but with the promise that it can only be revealed to save his life–a promise that becomes Timon's fate to break.

The Siege of Syracuse is the first book in The Eyes of Archimedes Trilogy.

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