Mud City Press


A Novel by Dan Armstrong

When three young women at the same high school in Eugene, Oregon commit suicide in little over a year, many in the community connect the suicides with the stress of getting good grades for admission to elite colleges. While the local police department treats the suicides as individual cases of emotional breakdown, Travis Hardy and his friend Steve Kelly, both sophomores at the high school, discover evidence that the suicides are more than what they seem and are intimately connected.

Instead of going directly to the police, Travis and Steve decide to investigate the three suicides themselves, hoping to find proof for what they believe is a triple murder. Doing everything backwards, taking risks without understanding the dangers involved, the two young sleuths stumble into the actions of a crime ring and a dark world that they are not prepared for.


"Quicksand," writes Russ Desaulnier author of Making Waves, "is a riveting tale of suspense, featuring a typical Eugene family of five living the good organic life when mysterious high school teen suicides intervene to test the family and turn their paradise upside down.The reader cannot turn the pages fast enough as the complications for the cast of characters become implicated, devastated, and pulled into the quicksand."

Imagine a Hardy Boys mystery written for a mature audience.

Cover art by Richard Quigley.

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