Prairie Fire

A book review by Micheal Sunanda

PRAIRIE FIRE, novel by Dan Armstrong, iUniverse, 2007, 482 pgs, $25.95 at

The sudden crash of China's grain harvest in Dan Armstrong's novel "Prairie Fire" makes last year's shortfall in Australia look like penny-ante poker. It exposes the global grain market dues & peak oil blues from inside out. But "Prairie Fire" is scary future fiction now, revealing multi-crisis in firey psychodrama! The many characters battle in global climate economy war & increidbly enough it's how US farming industry really works! Dan graphically describes secret plots farm field strategies & smokey room bargaining as pyramid power brokers rip-off all despite farmer's protests.

I had to lay my bias down to dig the strategy plans & fears of players in farmers versus empire market wars conspiracy-story. It exposes more political shit than we deserve to know. How did Dan imagine such impossible details he tells like "Ecotopia" meets "The Monkey-wrench Gang"? Dan's future seeing eye of coming culture wars passions & fears of innocent & corrupt people is deeper than any novel I've read. It delves into desperately driven souls conflicts & power-struggles, greedy marketeers, mad farmers & growing climate crisis with Peak oil crash threatening. It's so unbelievable, it will probably come true. Who knows? Next year? Next decade?

Will its Eurasian oil pipeline & other globalist scenarios happen? Remember when US dairy farmers dumped their milk decades ago in midwest? The shocking intrigue & corruption seems common now, with movies like "The Constant Gardener" & "Tail Wags the Dog?" The US/UK/Euro/UN empires are so sneaky & greedy for billions that family farmers will risk all for revenge. These Kamikaze food, $$$, & oil wars converge in "Prairie Fire" with explosive outcome of worst American nitemares! This screams for solutions, but bad karma burns their ass. This could be the grain-fed peak oil blues movie of 2012? Read novel then you'll know for sure!

Prairie Fire

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