Mud City Press


A Novel by Deb Mohr

Is it possible to live a long life on land one deems impossible to know? This question haunts Min Scharf, the daughter an early Eastern Oregon settler, and Creed McCabe, a half-breed Paiute. Min and Creed grow up together and become close friends through their love of the land until circumstances propel them in vastly different directions.

The inevitable clash of the white and native cultures draws Creed into the Paiute Indian War. Min, wanting a family, marries fellow settler, Abe Cooper. Creed spends years fighting the white man, while Min and Abe help a young Paiute woman, Onie, build a school for the local Native Americans to serve as an alternative to the dreaded "Blackrobes Schools" to which thousands of tribal people were forced to attend.

After the defeat of the Paiutes in 1878, Creed and several hundred other Native Americans are forced to march in midwinter from Fort Haney, OR. to the Simcoe Indian Agency, near the current city of Yakima, WA. Years later, Creed, beaten down by the abusive march and a long imprisonment, returns to the land beyond knowing searching for Min's help.